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To my surprise, Annie’s did respond again. Twice more, actually. The first response was just…

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Annie’s Gluten Free Products: Part 2

Annie's "Gluten Free" Chewy Granola Bars
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I was recently asked if I know anything about Annie’s gluten free products. I promised…

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Annie’s Gluten Free Products

OCHO Candy - no longer gluten free
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Ocho candy is no longer certified gluten free, and no longer made on dedicated lines. All…

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No Longer Gluten Free: OCHO Candy

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I recently learned that Stouffer’s had come out with a “gluten free” mac & cheese,…

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Stouffer’s “Gluten Free” Macaroni & Cheese

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Last week I was all excited to discover that DiGiorno was coming out with gluten-free…

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“Gluten Free” DiGiorno

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When I heard Oreos was going to release a gluten free Oreo this year, I…

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“Gluten Free” Oreos

A pink bottle of perfume, next to roses. Not brand specific.
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Is there gluten in perfume? Yes, there sure can be. As well as wheat, barley,…

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Estée Lauder: Is There Gluten in Perfume?