Reviews: Important Info

Remember! Always check the date of the review or date which the manufacturer, restaurant, bakery, etc., sent me a reply about their product(s).

Keep in mind that companies change ingredients and suppliers regularly, so something which was safe when I posted my review or company response may not be safe now. Or something that wasn’t safe might be now.

With food intolerance and allergies, it never hurts to double-check with a company on your own, especially if the product or location you are interested in is one which never carried a gluten free label and/or certification. Even if it is a product you purchase regularly. Even if it is a restaurant you patronize regularly. Remember that gluten free doesn’t always equal Celiac Safe. And that not getting sick doesn’t always mean it was gluten free. We don’t all have the same reactions. We don’t all react quickly. We don’t all have gut reactions that we can feel – but it will still destroy the villi in your intestines whether you feel it or not. 

If there is any review which you would like me to check back with, given the amount of time since I last contacted them, please let me know, and I will do a follow-up, post my result, and send you an e-mail (as long as you leave contact information!) that the new information has been posted.

Likewise, if you check in with a company I have reviewed, I would love it if you would leave the response you get as a comment on the review page for the location or item in question.

I also recommend checking out the Gluten Free Watchdog. They test foods and share the results.