Traveling Gluten Free

It is often difficult enough to manage your gluten free life at home, much less on the road! On this page I will link you to my reviews of places I’ve visited in my travels, as well as places I go at home (since that will still be ‘on the road’ for someone!). I hope that you find it helpful. If you have reviewed a bakery, restaurant, et cetera, please leave a link to it in the comments or send me the info via the contact page.

This will be places I’ve actually been to, not ordered and/or received samples from, since I can’t confirm that they are places you can walk into on your travels.


Niagara Falls:

De Healthy Baker

United States:

New York:

Bellmore (Long Island):

Bare Naked Bakery (also 100% nut free)

East Northport (Long Island):

Strictly Gluten Free (grocery store)

Fairport (near Rochester):

Ellie’s Gluten Free Bakery


Nizza, Risotteria, Stogo, Tu-Lu’s


Flour Buds Bakery

Oakdale (Long Island):

Mama’s Italian Restaurant


Camp Hill:

Betsy’s Bakery



The New Bristol Health Food Store



Corbin’s Confections

Natural Bridge:

Mama Tauni Gluten Free Bakery – This bakery opened May 8, 2021. She relocated from NY state. I have not been yet; hoping to go soon.