NE PA (Poconos, Scranton, Carbondale, etc)

Okay, so I’m on vacation (never an easy experience when you have eating intolerances or allergies), but I am having a GREAT time!

We’re up in the Poconos at Lake Wallenpaupack. Before I left, I asked about shops and restaurants which would be safe to shop/eat at, and got some feedback but fairly limited. No restaurants in the area at all, but I’d find a wonderful Wegman’s in Scranton with everything I could possibly ask for.

Since we weren’t sure what we would find, we packed up a lot of our non-perishables (and some perishables in our cooler), just to be safe. We also took the cookware along, to ensure that I didn’t get glutened by accident, by using unsafe pots and pans at the vacation house.

Turns out, we can leave a lot of stuff at home next time.

Wegmans does indeed have just about everything (and more) a gluten-free heart can desire. I’ve all sorts of new treats to taste and review for your reading (and drooling) pleasure.

We also discovered that there is a safe restaurant: Uno’s! I’ve only eaten in one so far — up in Utica, NY, and had a good experience. No glutening at all (thank goodness, since we ate there and *then* got on the road for a long drive home!). I stopped by the one in Scranton and asked if they had the gluten free menu. They did indeed, and even made me a color copy to take with me! I asked how long they had been in business and was surprised to hear they’d been there 5 or 6 years…considering they are practically across the street from the Wegmans.

We haven’t been out to eat yet, but if we go, I’ll definitely do a review. The menu looks tantalizing!

Note: On the way up, we stopped at The Healthy Grocer in the Camp Hill, PA area, and picked up some great items too: some we’d seen before, some we hadn’t. It was hard to find, as the exit we needed was closed and the detour wasn’t marked that clearly, but it was definitely worth a stop. Then we headed to Cracker Barrel (Mechanicsburg) for lunch and got a copy of what is safe there for Celiacs (CB is my one safe road stop for just about any city, but we didn’t know until the other day that they had several safe options). Then, on the recommendation of our waitress, we went to Giant (grocery store) and picked up a few more GF treasures.