Privacy Policy

Data collected by Gluten Free & Tasty!:

  1. If you registered as a user back when I used to allow user registration, then I have the name and username you registered with, your e-mail address, and WP collected your IP address (helps check for spam account). There’s 18 of you. One is my Mom. Hi, Mom!
  2. If you choose to e-mail me as explained on my Contact page, I will retain your information so that I can respond to any questions you have now, or in the future. (Sometimes people ask questions which I cannot answer at the time, but come to an answer for them down the road.) When I do switch to a contact form, I will be sure to use a form plugin which is GDPR compliant, such as Contact Form 7.
  3. I use Jetpack, which helps me see number of visitors, where in the world they’re from, referring sites, and so forth. It doesn’t tell me *who* you are. Go here to learn more about information collected by Jetpack.
  4. If you entered one of my give-a-ways, I will retain your information until the contest is over and I have mailed or e-mailed the prize to the winner OR I have released your contact info to the gluten free company sponsoring the give-away. Please note that if I am not the one who will be sending you your prize, I will tell you upfront that I will be providing your contact information to the company in question, so that you can make an informed decision on if you want to give out that information.
  5. If you choose to comment on a post via Facebook, please know that I am using the plugin Fancy Facebook Comments, which is GDPR compliant. You can read their policies here.
  6. If you use Disqus, their policy is here, and if you connect with Gravatar, their info is here.

Your info:

What do I do with it?

  1. If you’ve registered on my site to leave comments, or if you’ve emailed me with questions, emailed me to ask me to review a product, I will hold on to your information indefinitely. Comments stay on my site unless they are inappropriate or if the original poster chooses to delete them. If for some reason you are unable to delete your comment, you are always welcome to write me privately and ask me to do so for you.*
  2. I will use your info to respond to you if a reply is warranted.
  3. If It’s been awhile since I’ve posted or I have done a large overhaul of my site, I may send out an e-mail (via blind carbon copy) letting followers know my site is active again.

What I won’t do:

  1. Sell your information. Ever.
  2. Refuse to delete your user account if you want me to do so (i.e. from years ago; I have had user registration directly via WP disabled for several years due to being overrun with fake accounts). I know I can’t stand it when I write to a company and ask them to delete my information, and they tell me they “deactivated it” in case I change my mind.  If you posted any comments with your user account, you can choose to have them remain and they will be re-assigned to a generic guest account. Please note that this is only for people registered via WordPress (the 18 people I mentioned above). I can’t reassign comments to “guest” if you left them via your FB account, Disqus, or another 3rd party.
  3. Start a newsletter and add you to it without your permission. (Don’t you just hate surprise newsletters from companies?)


Http vs Https:

As I do not sell anything, this is not an https:// site. It is also not something I can afford at this time. If the time comes where I did sell something “through” my site (i.e. I’ve been working on some GF books, including a cookbook), the item would be sold through a site like The Book Patch, or Amazon, or something like that, where your financial information would be processed securely and safely.


*If you posted via a third-party account, like Facebook, you will probably have to have access to your account on that site in order to delete your comment(s).

Updated 5/25/2018