No Longer Gluten Free: OCHO Candy

OCHO Candy - no longer gluten free

Ocho candy is no longer certified gluten free, and no longer made on dedicated lines.

A bag of Organic OCHO Dark Caramel Minis.
A bag of Organic OCHO Dark Caramel Minis.

All of their candies (not just the one pictured) are now made on shared equipment that processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs & wheat.

Their FAQ also includes this statement:

Are your products Gluten Free?”

Even though we do not add gluten-containing ingredients currently to our products, we are going to be making some in the future, and we have chosen to no longer be gluten-free certified.


I don’t know when this change was made. There was no big announcement on their website that I can see. I only caught it because I picked up one of their candy bars, which has been safe for years. I just happened to flip it over in my hand before I opened it, and caught the word “wheat” out of the corner of my eye. This is a really good reminder on why you always check everything, no matter how many times you’ve bought it, before you eat/use it!

If you have any of the candy on hand, check the labels! Even the minis are labeled on each individual piece (at least the ones I have are), and toss any with this new warning! Even if they never add a gluten-containing candy, their lines are still cross contaminated.

This made me really sad, because their dark chocolate coconut bars reminded me of the Mounds bars I can no longer have (they contain MSG via the hydrolyzed milk protein ingredient). (Hershey says Mounds are gluten free, so if MSG doesn’t bother you, they’re a possible option. Always check the label, though! Especially if it’s a custom shape or holiday bag!)

Please check out my list of other products/places I don’t recommend here.

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1 year ago

Yup, just realized I screwed up bad when my 15 y/o just texted me that she was eating some I gave her and noticed the warning. Heart breaking. I quickly texted my son, he replied he just ate 4 after lunch… praying now, for all.