Gluten Dude: The App!

For years, the only gluten free app we all had to work with was Find Me Gluten Free. It’s good in it’s own right, but what many users don’t realize is that it is not vetted. You’re relying solely on other people’s experiences. Not all Celiacs have the same reactions. Not all Celiacs feel their gut reaction, even though the damage is still happening if they are glutened (on purpose or not). All Celiacs are damaged by eating gluten, but we don’t all feel it the same. Some of us can have (purity protocol) oats; some of us cannot eat oats at all.

So with Find Me Gluten Free, you played a game of chance every time you went to a gluten free place based on, “I’m sensitive and I didn’t get sick”.  Maybe they reviewed right away and got sick later. Maybe they never have gut reactions. Maybe they’re new to Celiac and don’t know what to expect. Maybe they can eat oats, but you can’t, and they don’t mention the place uses oats. There are so many maybes.

If you use Find Me Gluten Free, it’s imperative that you do your own research before you try eating at any of the locations. But sometimes it’s not possible – for various reasons. If you’re travelling, do you take the chance and hope for the best?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an option where every location listed was vetted by someone who is super careful, and super vested in provided real information to the Celiac/Gluten Free communities?

Thanks to Gluten Dude, that option exists. Gluten Dude made an app, and it is fantastic! And, yes, it is totally worth subscribing to you when your free trial ends. Totally. Totally. Worth. It.  Do I still have FMGF? Yes, because individuals add to it all the time, they may add a place that Gluten Dude hasn’t added – yet. Pass the word along, ask him to check it out, and in the meantime, do your due diligence before eating there.

And even with Gluten Dude’s app, check the restaurant, cafe, bakery, et cetera, out before you go. Why? Isn’t your work done for you? Yes, he did a ton of work, and he is super reliable. But restaurants can change – suppliers, owners, and so forth. So always double-check. Just like you should do when grocery shopping, even with products you have bought 100 times before. Your insides (or your loved one with Celiac’s insides) will thank you for it.

If you already have this fantastic app, make sure you’ve updated to the newest version — it now includes a map feature!!

It’s available on the AppStore and Google Play.


Update 26 January 2022: Gluten Dude has a Facebook group that everyone can join too. It will help everyone stay updated on everything happening with his app, and is a place in which you can offer suggestions and feedback!

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Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia
1 year ago

The Gluten Dude app has been a great help especially now that I am traveling more. It was hard to Google places to go, then call and hope the person knew what I was talking about especially when you have brain fog. Because of this app I found a great dedicated kitchen where I can have a dinner both my husband and I will enjoy. The app also has great information and discussions, which with all we need to lookout for, have helped clearing some things for me.