Grocery Stores & GF Product Placement

Dear Grocery Stores,

Please, please, please reconsider how you arrange your gluten free products.

Please stop putting the non-GF bread across the aisle from gluten free products. The smell of non-GF bread makes me incredibly nauseated. Yes, even with my mask on. And it’s really uncomfortable to hold my breath while shopping.

Please stop putting non-GF flour next to, or on top of, or below the gluten free flour. Flour bags leak. Below sounds like it would be okay, right? But now you’ve got the same person, presumably, unloading all of it onto the shelf. And they more than likely have gotten regular flour on their hands, and now it’s on my GF flour bags.

Please stop mixing the GF products in with the non-GF products. Yes, yes. I’ve worked in retail. I know things like this happen because you want to sell more, and forcing customers to hunt everywhere for what they need heightens the chance of an impulse buy.

But those of us who are gluten free for medical necessity are not impulse shoppers. It’s too dangerous. If you make me have to hunt through all of your aisles for the GF products I need, I will go elsewhere, and/or shop online. (“Treasure hunts” for GF products also make a difficult shopping trip that much harder for people who have just learned they have to be GF, and for their friends/family who may be going shopping for them.)


Celiac & Gluten Intolerant Shoppers Everywhere

Celiac? Gluten intolerant? What would you add to this list?

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