More from I Heart Keenwah (Quinoa Puffs!)

Update: This product has been discontinued. Please see the update to this post for a possible reason why.

I Heart Keenwah is at it again! They’ve added a new snack to their tasty line-up of bite-size quinoa snacks: Quinoa Puffs! They are certified gluten free.

Several weeks ago, I was asked to review their new Puffs, and I happily agreed. I loved their first product.  I Heart Keenwah had me review all 4 flavors of their first product, and I’d been under the impression that would be the case this time too. Unfortunately, their contact/marketing person only sent me 2 of the flavors, so I can’t give you a full-out review like I was able to do on their first product.

I received “Aged Cheddar” and “Sea Salt Truffle”. Their other two flavors are “Herbs de Provence” and “Sweet Chili”.

As many of you know, I like to do “sampling parties” with items I receive. You may or may not have the same impression of a product that I do; we all taste things differently. By sharing my samples, I get to provide you with taste reviews from numerous people; some who have to be gluten free and are, some who should be gluten free – but aren’t, and some who don’t have to be gluten free at all.

I received these samples shortly before going to visit family in Buffalo, so I took the two bags along, and one night, we all sat down to taste and review.

We enjoyed “Aged Cheddar” first.

Our collective thoughts: Good! Substantial; I like that they don’t just dissolve. Very tasty. Would be good in cream cheese. (Note: We happened to have cream cheese, so we got it out: AWESOME with cream cheese!!!) Very good; I would definitely buy these. You can definitely taste the quinoa. Reminds me of Kix but with way more flavor.

Each person had taken a few to sample, and then kept eating. We devoured the whole bag in short time.

On to “Sea Salt Truffle“.

Sadly, this flavor was a disappointment, even to the person who loves truffles. The grayish color was unappealing. Otherwise: Too strong; reminds me of fish food. There’s a distinct and odd onion flavor, despite not having onion in the ingredients. Pew! One person found they were better with cream cheese, but no one else thought so.


Aged Cheddar is the definite winner between these two flavors. I’d love to taste the other two flavors whenever they are released to stores. You can buy them online, but I haven’t seen them on the shelves anywhere yet. (I’ve looked in Buffalo, NY, Roanoke, VA, Abingdon, VA, and Johnson City, TN.)


Have you tried Quinoa Puffs yet? Please comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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