Kith & Kin Bakeshop & Bistro (formerly, A Better Way Bakery)

Update: Please note that the photos in this post reflect the bakery at their former location on Dysinger. Now they’re on 78/Transit. 

Although I don’t live in Western New York, I am a member of the WNY Gluten Free Diet Support group on Facebook. I have family in Buffalo, and when I visit, I want to know places that I can go out to eat, rather than preparing everything as I do at home. People in the group post about many different places; those dedicated gluten free and the ones that accommodate to the best of their ability (some better than others). But there’s one place which is mentioned over and over and over. Kith & Kin Bakeshop & Bistro.

This was clearly a place I had to try, and on my most recent trip to Buffalo, I got my chance. Once we finally got a day with good weather, my Mom and I made the trip out to Lockport (33, to 90, to 290, to 990 . . . some town roads). I’m good with directions, she’s good with the GPS. And the photos from their website told me that unlike many GF bakeries, this was not a hole-in-the-wall. This is a place we’d be able to find easily. And we did. And it was. You’ll have no trouble finding A Better Way Bakery. And there is plenty of off-street parking!!

Anyone who has been gluten free for awhile knows the disappointment of being out with friends or family, and watching everyone else enjoy baked goods, while there is nothing safe for you. Or maybe there’s one thing you can have — but it came prepackaged and wasn’t that fresh. We dream about a bakery where we can walk in and eat absolutely everything. And where you’ll find all the baked goods, sweet and savory, that your heart desires.

That is what you will find at Kith & Kin. Along with the nicest people. They were inspired to go gluten free for their children, all of whom have Celiac. They learned that while cooking gluten free wasn’t too hard, baking was an entirely different story. This bakery shows the outcome of years of reading, researching, and trial and error.

I for one, am extremely grateful to this couple for not only finding a better way to provide wonderful gluten free food for their children, but for their willingness to open a magnificent bakery and cafe. Yup. You can go there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too!

The bakery itself is beautiful. Very inviting. The tables are a good size and the chairs are comfortable. The room feels light and airy. It’s colorful, but not overly bright, and the air? It smells amazing. This is a bakery from your dreams.

I was sorely tempted to order breakfast (banana-stuffed French toast, anyone?) but then I spotted it. A Better Reuben. The sandwich of my dreams. Except that I don’t really eat beef any more, and he couldn’t guarantee the corned beef was nitrate-free. But he offered me a great solution: A Turkey Reuben, which I knew existed, but which I’d never had before. He told me he can guarantee the turkey was nitrate-free because he roasts one himself every day. So I took him up on that. The sandwiches come with a very tasty pickle and home made potato chips. Both delicious.

The sandwich nearly made me cry. That’s how good it was. In fact, if it wouldn’t have made my nose too stuffed to eat, I may have actually cried. AMAZING. I took a second sandwich to go! The un-real rye is perfection; you’ll never know it’s gluten free. Turkey, piled high with sauerkraut, homemade Thousand Island, and wonderful Swiss cheese. Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

I can’t remember which specific sandwich my Mom ordered, but she enjoyed it! She ordered hers on the multigrain bread. She loved it, so we took a loaf home. It totally changed my opinion on toast! I’ve never been a fan, but if I can have this bread for toast? Count me in! It makes great sandwiches too, and it’s the size of non-GF bread! If you go to the bottom of their Products page, you’ll find helpful information on how to best store your purchases. It says their bread/rolls will typically last a month or more if kept in the freezer . . . but I ate the loaf we got too fast to find out!

If you look through the slideshow below, you’ll get to see the variety of baked goods we bought, in addition to the cookies and muffins, and took back to my Mom’s sisters’ house. Everything was thoroughly enjoyed! I am especially in love with the Banana Cream Pie, the Cut-Out Cookies, all of the cupcakes (oh, my, that frosting! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!), and the little chocolate cookies that look like bees!

It took us about 30 minutes (one way) from where my aunts live in Buffalo to get to the bakery. Totally and completely worth it. Their products are of the quality that would entice you drive out there every day. Maybe multiple times a day. I don’t know when I’ll be back in Buffalo again, but I think know multiple visits are definitely going to be a part of it! Must try that stuffed French toast next time!

Oh, and if you’re a fan of fish fries and have been missing them? I hear they have them every Friday.

Need catering? Food at a wedding? Or other special occasions? They have a page on their website for you to contact them about it all.

And you definitely won’t be sorry.

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