Moondance Desserts: Coffe Cake

If you’re like me, one of the gluten-full treats you’ve been missing is coffee cake. I was a fan of Entenmann’s, although any seriously good coffee cake would do. From the aroma to the the crumbles on top to the softness of that first (to last) bite, coffee cake was a treasured and special treat.

And it’s been particularly difficult to find both gluten free and tasty.

But in less than a week, I’ve found two! And the first one I want to share with you is from Moondance Desserts.

That’s how it looks when you open it up; serving suggestion is to reheat. We heated ours for 40 seconds, which was just right.  (Took the entire cake out of the box, put it on a plate, and covered it with a paper towel.)

Delicate. Fragrant. Soft. Moist. Flavorful. Did I say fragrant? 

I kept the container it came in so that when I wrote my review, I could still inhale that wonderful aroma. The top has been off of the box . . . and it still smells like I just opened it, nearly 7 hours later. If there were crumbs left, I’d be licking them out of the box.

I actually had my share with tea, but T had hers with coffee and loved it. This is a product I would be tempted to buy all the time if it were sold where we live!

Their facility is wheat and gluten free, which makes me love them all the more.

If Moondance ever offers product samples, I would happily and ecstatically review anything else they make, based on how good their coffee cake is!

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