Missing Kit-Kats? Check out Glutino Milk Chocolate Wafers!

If you’re missing Kit-Kats, you’ll want to to grab a box of these delicious wafer cookies from Glutino as soon as possible! If you’re in my area (southwest Virginia, Highlands area), you can find them at your Abingdon Food City!

They come in milk chocolate, vanilla, and lemon.

Several years ago, I discovered Glutino wafer cookies. The store I was at only had lemon, so I got them… and was sorely disappointed. I love lemon, but these made me think of what it might be like if I’d eaten my lemon candle. I never reviewed them, and never got around to trying the other two flavors.

Then my Mom picked up a box of the milk chocolate ones, but when we headed home, I left them at my parents’ house, the bad memory of the lemon cookies surfacing. So my Mom ate them. And wrote to tell me how much they reminded her of a Nestle Crunch bar. (Another candy bar I sorely miss; alas, the malt in the Rice Krispies makes them off limit.)


This intrigued me, so I bought a box. I can see how they remind her of Nestle Crunch, but to me, it was just like having a Kit-Kat bar. I was in heaven. I can’t tell you how much I love these cookies. I have eaten way more boxes of them than I should, and would probably be embarrassed if I had an actual count of how many boxes that is. They’re pricey, too, but sometimes I get lucky and my Mom gets me another box. 😉

The vanilla ones are good, if you like less chocolate in your cookies, but one box of them was enough for me. No where near as addicting as the milk chocolate ones. (The difference is the inside. Both cookies are covered in milk chocolate, but the vanilla ones have  a creamy vanilla filling, where as the milk chocolate is chocolate inside and out!)

The milk chocolate wafers are seriously one of the best gluten free cookies you can buy in your regular supermarket.  (And they go great with coffee, too! Not quite biscotti, but, yum!)

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