Dolci di Maria: Rich, moist, chocolatey goodness

I tweeted about this delicious cake awhile back, but didn’t post a review since I really wanted to include a photo and didn’t have one. Now I do. If you haven’t tried any desserts by Dolci di Maria, you are missing out. And if you’re gluten free and dairy free? Guess what? You can enjoy these treats too! This tasty little cake is vegan.

And they taste like the best cake you’d find in any bakery. There may be no gluten, dairy, eggs, etc, but they are packed full of flavor!

The outer circle is a slightly lighter pink, but kept coming up white in the photograph. I colored it in the best I could so you’d have a better idea of what to look for in the store.

I’ve found this flavor (Super Moist Chocolate) available as cupcakes (2/pack) and this little cake, which is actually 2 small cakes. They’re both delicious, and neither will last long once you taste them.

The frosting is unbelievably rich, without being too sweet, and wonderfully creamy — even if you eat it straight out of the fridge. (I get these at Earth Fare in Johnson City, TN, and they are in a refrigerator case.)

They’re pricey, but for an occasional treat, completely worth it.

If Dolci di Maria is willing to share any of their other flavors (I only ever find chocolate), I would love to taste and review them!

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