I Heart Keenwah (Tasty Quinoa snack bites!)

Update: In the process of getting this blog back online, I’ve found many places and products I had reviewed no longer exist. This is one of them. Although I cannot find a definite reason they were discontinued, this case probably didn’t help any.

At the Central PA Gluten Free Expo, I received one bag of each of their four flavors: Ginger Peanut, Cranberry Cashew, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Almond.

I Heart Keenwah is certified gluten free, but it is manufactured in a facility which handles peanuts and tree nuts. A serving size is one ounce, and there are four servings per bag. They look just as good as depicted on the bag too!

I doled them out to friends and family in a blind taste test (as per my usual), to bring you a wide variety of reactions. For me? I loved them. All four flavors — which impressed me, because in my experience, there is usually one that isn’t as good as the rest. Not true in this case!



Reactions from friends & family:

Ginger Peanut: Delicious! Awesome! Ginger flavor is very good and the chewiness is nice. Just the right amount of ginger/peanut contrast, and the ginger is not too burny.

Almond: It’s okay, but not a very strong almond flavor.

Cranberry Cashew: Mixed reactions — some noticed the cranberry flavor and liked it, others found it a bit tart, and others said, like the almond, it wasn’t very strong. One person also said it reminds them of Oolong tea, sans milk or sugar. Cashew flavor minimal.

Chocolate Sea Salt: A mixed reaction between: Good, nice subtle flavor – more noticeable after eating, and, I taste the sea salt but not the chocolate.

Keep in mind that when I passed them out to friends and family, they only tasted one square each. I had several of each flavor, and in a row, so I found the almond and cranberry flavors more present than some of my taste testers did. 

The only downside, for me, which you can learn from and not repeat, is keep them in a cool place! Mine got warm and the ones I hadn’t eaten became one giant piece. Oops. 🙂 Still tasty, just not as share-able!

But if you enjoy quinoa and are looking for a fun and different snack, this one is for you.

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