Gratify Pretzels are Gratifying!

Last year ago, I received a huge sample package from Gratify. I was in between trips and didn’t get a chance to really sit down with the product for about a month. Many months later, I am still eating my way through the sample! My reaction can really be summed up by one word: YUMMY!

Gratify is certified gluten free by the GIG. They are baked snacks and contain no food coloring or preservatives.

I received:

  • Sea Salt Twists
  • Sea Salt Sticks
  • Sea Salt Thins
  • Sesame Seed Thins
  • Yogurt Covered Twists

They also make Milk Chocolate Covered Twists, but did not send any. I generally prefer dark over light chocolate, but I think I’ll have to hunt down a bag of these and give them a try!

Yogurt Covered Twists Yogurt has become a very popular snack. You can get it in all different flavors, types of milk (dairy and otherwise). The yogurt on these pretzels is not a healthy snack, but it is a delicious one! I ate the bag in about 3 days . . . and this is something I would definitely buy for a treat if I can find them in my area! Creamy, a hint of vanilla, and sweet without being too sweet. Delicious! I wish someone in our area sold them. They are the best ‘yogurt’ covered pretzel I have ever had!

Sea Salt Twists, Sticks, and Thins –  These will remind you of your standard pretzels. If you’re missing pretzels and haven’t been happy with what’s out there, give these a try. They are tasty, crunchy, minimal after taste (unlike so many gluten-full and gluten-free pretzels) and taste good in everything I’ve dipped them in! It really just comes down to what shape you like best. The Thins, as the name suggests, are thinner and a bit flakier than a regular pretzel, but the taste is the same.

Sesame Seed Thins  –  If you’ve never had a sesame seed encrusted pretzel, you are missing out. Sesame seeds lend an entirely new flavor to pretzels, without overwhelming the traditional pretzel taste. You won’t miss the salt. Like the sea salt pretzels, these were also great in anything I dipped them in.

Favorite dips? Whipped cream cheese with a little garlic powder or mustard (yellow, sweet, horseradish, spicy brown. . . you can’t go wrong with mustard and pretzels).

Shortly after I asked Gratify for a sample, they started showing up in my area for sale (although, sadly, not the yogurt ones . . . yet!). I was pleased to see this, and also pleased to see that other people seem to be enjoying them as much as I have. Once I run out of sample, I will definitely be buying them as my pretzel of choice!


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