Event: Central PA Gluten Free Expo 2013: A review

The people who created this event were not expecting the huge crowd that they received. I was told they expected 100-200 people, but at least 500, if not more, turned out for this event! What a great experience for a first-time expo! I was so happy for them (even though I got overwhelmed by the crowd)!

This event will repeat on November 9, 2014, and if you are in the area at that time, I highly recommend you go. Great vendors, great people, and generally, a very friendly, easy-going crowd. Their FB page states that advance tickets will go on sale later this summer.

I met many nice people, received some great samples (which are posted on my main site), and had some (hopefully) beneficial discussions with company owners who wanted to support the autistic community, but at that time, were donating to organizations which the autistic community actively boycotts. I was impressed and pleased with the willingness to listen to what I had to say on this matter.

If I’m ever in Central PA at the same time as one of these expos, I will definitely attend another. Even with receiving way more attendees than expected, this event was well organized and well-run. I was very impressed.

Edit: The event continues, even though it had to go virtual during the pandemic – here is their website.

Here are a few photos we took:

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