The Most Fragrant Cookie of All . . .

A few months ago, I learned about WholeVine cookies. Although I am unable to taste their Girl Scout cookie bites (made on shared lines in an uncertified facility), I did try their own cookies, which are safe (made in a shared but certified facility). I received my sample box several weeks ago, but in light of the huge number of political posts in the social media world, I decided to wait until after the election (and then the holiday!) to share any new information with you, so that the reviews wouldn’t get lost in the flood! And then some things came up that forced me to put off updating even further; my apologies for that.

As I always try to do, in addition to my own product tasting, I have shared this product with Teresa and two friends, none of whom has to eat gluten free. I knew which cookies I was tasting, but they did it blind. (I kept the bag where they could not see it and handed them one cookie at a time, taking notes as we went along). One of the reasons I do this is because everyone is going to like and dislike different things. A company may have the best product in the world, and some people will still dislike it. I feel that a multi-party tasting is the best way to get the most honest feedback.

I received 4 different cookie flavors: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal California Currant.

Chocolate Chip:

Me) This cookie tasted very good, and the smell was similar to that of gluten-full chocolate chip cookie dough, yet it did not taste like a chocolate chip cookie. I found the texture slightly gritty. I’m wondering if this is due to the Almond Flour. I have never baked with Almond Flour, nor have I eaten anything (that I am aware of) which included almond flour as an ingredient. These were the only cookies of the four which listed almond flour as an ingredient, and the other 3 cookies did not seem to have this texture. There was also a distinct floury after-taste, which while it didn’t change my opinion that the cookie was quite tasty, didn’t inspire me to eat a second one right away.  On my second cookie, I made sure to get a large mouthful of (dark) chocolate chips, but still could barely taste the chocolate. The cookies are good, they are just not like any chocolate chip cookie I have ever eaten. I think I would have liked them better if I hadn’t been expecting a chocolate chip cookie.

Teresa) Interesting texture — spongy like a cake instead of crispy like a cookie. Needs more vanilla. I like this; could definitely eat this again., but I have no idea what flavor it’s supposed to be!

V) This is good, soft, sweet. Tastes like a chocolate brownie. Much better than the Peanut Butter. I LIKE IT!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip:

Me) I smell walnuts more than anything else, and I can definitely taste walnuts, but it is not an overpowering flavor. Crumbly and soft, but not chewy; great texture. There is a hint of chocolate, but once again, I really don’t taste a chocolate flavor. If eaten blindfolded, I don’t think I would know what this cookie was. On the other hand, I remember eating a chocolate chocolate chip cookie from Kroger years ago, and they didn’t taste very chocolatey to me either, so maybe it’s just me!

Teresa) I like the nuts, but I don’t like the cookie. Flavor guess: Chocolate Walnut.

V) This one is really good. Tastes like cinnamon and chocolate to me. I think this one is my favorite!

Peanut Butter:

Me) Instant peanut butter fragrance, as if I’d pulled the cookie right out of the oven, yet the cookie itself is hard and dry. There are so  many nuts I can’t determine the texture at all. The nuts are good, but I would prefer fewer so I could taste the actual cookie. It seems to have more smell than taste, which disappointed me, because traditionally, I love peanut butter cookies. There is potential for this cookie to be quite good; I would like to try a fresh one, and with fewer nuts.

Teresa) N/A – Not a peanut butter fan.

V) Very chewy, strong peanut flavor. I don’t think I could eat these without milk (there wasn’t any on hand), but it is a good cookie.

S*) There is an odd, distinct grape-flavor to this cookie. It doesn’t take away from the cookie at all, it’s very good, but I definitely taste grape.

Oatmeal California Current (Or, as I like to call it, The Most Fragrant Cookie of All!):

Me)  For me, this was the most appealing, from the freshness, to the soft texture, the chewiness, and the strong, smooth flavor. I could eat hundreds of these cookies, I kid you not. Normally, I prefer my oatmeal cookies to be oatmeal and nothing else – no raisins or other add-ins, but these were beyond amazing. Out of the 4 flavors, this is the one that I would buy. Outstanding!

Teresa) I dislike fruit in cookies, but this definitely has a good flavor!

V) I taste cinnamon! This one is good, I really like this one too. Definitely an oatmeal cookie. This is my second favorite!

* S’s reviews on the other 3 cookies disappeared, so I can’t quote her word-for-word on them, but she did like them all!

Go here to purchase these great cookies. There are 8 cookies per package, and each flavor is only $6.99, making each cookie around 87-cents, which as any gluten-free shopper knows, is an amazing price! If you buy 12 or more packages at a time, they’ll even give you a 10% discount!! They have 3 shipping options, and the form will use your zip code to calculate your shipping costs.

If you’ve tried WholeVine cookies (or when you do), I’d love to hear from you. Please comment and tell me which cookies you’ve enjoyed.  Also, don’t forget to try their grape skin & seed gluten-free flour! I haven’t tried the flour yet, but it looks promising! If you give it a try, please let me know what you think!

Update 8 October 2020: Their website is still up and does not indicate anywhere that I can see that they’ve closed. However, the shop links I had no longer work, and I cannot find a product listing. They do still have contact information though, so once I have my blog fully back online, I am going to reach out to them. 

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