The New Bristol Health Food Store

If you live in southwest Virginia or northeast Tennessee, be sure you make plans to visit The New Bristol Health Food Store located at 1600 Edgemont Ave., Bristol, TN 37620.

Their hours are limited during the pandemic. You should contact them via their phone number or Facebook first. Their phone number is 423-968-1241.

Even if you’ve gone in the past, you’ll definitely want to go again! They’ve re-opened, and the store is clean, fresh, inviting, and friendly. Although they are small, they have a great selection of items to choose from, for gluten free (and non-gluten free alike). I found well-known gluten free items such as Udi’s, and discovered some new products as well. They have shelf-stable, refrigerated, and freezer products available.

Here’s just a few things you can find there: vitamins, herbs, groceries, ear candles, body care, detox, and pet supplies! You can sign-up on their mailing list for free classes as well. I asked about this, and was told that they worked on bringing in a variety of specialists, and then offered classes. I think that is well worth signing up for — you may not attend all of the classes, but you’re bound to find at least a few that will be helpful to you!

From their Facebook page:


With a small town feel and a touch of local products, The Bristol Health Food Store is big enough to fit your needs but small enough to appreciate your business!  Why shop towns away when you can support local business and buy top quality products right here in Bristol!

The Bristol Health Food Store offers many options for healthy living.  From essential oils to weight loss products, our store has something for every need.  We offer a wide selection of root supplements and vitamins along with amino acids and minerals.  We also happily accept custom orders.


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