Kinnikinnick’s New Bread

Shortly after Kinnikinnick released their new, very soft breads, I received a sample package containing white bread, multigrain bread, hamburger and hot dog buns. Originally, I was planning to try them all and then review all four at one time, but since I’m not sure when we’re having hamburger next, and finding hot dogs I can eat can be challenging, I decided to go ahead and review the loaves.

In one word? Delicious.

The white bread is …. phenomenal. It smells like the bread aisle in my local grocery store. The gluten-FULL bread aisle. If I didn’t know I was eating gluten free bread, I would have thought I’d just bitten into a horrible mistake. It’s that good. Even your non-gluten free friends and family should love this bread! I used pretty much the entire loaf on the best chicken salad sandwiches that I’d had in years. The texture and taste may make you cry tears of joy.

The multigrain bread is just as good. I love the whole-grain goodness combined with the softness of the bread. Even if I toast this bread, it still doesn’t hurt my mouth like I remember gluten-full bread doing years ago. It’s very gentle on your mouth while being healthy for your body. I ate it by itself. I tried it with raw walnut butter (yum! – I’ll write about that later.), I also tried it toasted and used that for Cinnamon Sugar toast, which I’ve been missing. I’ve used other breads for it, but none of them can compare to Kinnikinnick!

You can either let this bread thaw at room temperature, or if you’re in a hurry, pop it in the microwave. I think ours is around 700W (it’s an over the stove microwave, medium sized). If I’m eating 1 piece, I heat it for 15 seconds, or 30 seconds for two pieces.

You will end up with condensation, so either wipe off the plate after you take it out of the microwave, or put it on a new plate so your bread won’t get soggy.

I couldn’t tell you, however, if chicken salad (or other similar sandwiches) would get eventually make the bread soggy or not. Mine never lasted more than a few minutes after being made! 🙂

Due to my financial situation, I rarely purchase anything I’ve sampled, no matter how much I loved it. You can believe I’ll be buying these breads! I hope to convince my local grocery and health food stores to carry it as well!


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