Enjoy Life Crunchy Sugar Crisp

I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of Enjoy Life because in the ingredient list of nearly every product that I’d picked up (or someone got for me), fruit juice was listed as a sweetener. Ugh!

Maybe for people who found out that they couldn’t eat gluten really early on, they don’t mind fruit juice in their cookies, but if you know what you’re missing, you want a product that tastes like what you remember . . . fruit juice seriously modifies the way things taste. Not to mention, if I want fruit, I’ll eat fruit. Desserts weren’t meant to be healthy – they are a treat.

However, every time Enjoy Life put out a new product (or a grocery store near me picked up one of their products I hadn’t seen before, I’d  skim the ingredient list just in case).

I got lucky when I discovered their new Crunchy Sugar Crisp handcrafted cookies.

I’m not sure what to liken their flavor to, because they don’t taste like a traditional sugar cookie, but that’s probably the closest I can get. The big difference? The final ingredient is Rosemary Extract.

Rosemary is something I think of when spicing chicken . . . not baking cookies! But….. it’s a flavor I like and always enjoyed the smell of, so I figured I’d give these delightfully fruit juice-free cookies a chance!

I have to tell you, they are DELICIOUS!

They are a decent size (serving size is 2 cookies, and there’s 7 servings per container), crunchy without being crumbly, although you will need napkin for the sugar bits on top, and, like all their products, not only are they made in a dedicated GF bakery, but they are certified GF as well. (They are also dairy and nut free for those of you who need to watch out for those allergens.)


The only suggestion I would make: Get a large Ziplock bag, an airtight cookie jar, or something along those lines, to keep these in once you open the box. The box is technically resealable, but it is not airtight, and they’re not as good once they start to stale (they get chewier, and this is a cookie that is definitely better crunchy).

Enjoy Life? You’ve got a winner with this product. I hope you’ll make many more fruit-juice free products! (And maybe remake some of your current ones? Snickerdoodles?)

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