Kinnikinnick Chocolate Cake Mix

I made these delicious cupcakes for my  birthday in early October, but never got a chance to write up a review! The batter was a wonderful, velvety smooth, sweet chocolate. When I tasted the batter, I thought, WOW! True, luscious chocolate! Mmmm! Sweet! Won’t need frosting (although the box shows a decadent slice of frosted chocolate cake).

I was pleasantly surprised, however, to bite into a warm, moist cupcake and discover that somewhere between mixing and baking, most of the sweetness had disappeared! I can’t tell you how they would go with frosting,  however, because I never tried it. I ended up with nearly 24 cupcakes, and knew that with just the two of us, some would go to waste. So mixing up a huge batch of frosting seemed a waste (especially since I’m the only one who really likes frosting, unless it’s of the cream cheese variety!).

What I did try, however, was sprinkling powdered sugar over top of the cupcakes. This was delightful. Very delicious, not to sweet . . . a little messy, but not much! I think that any chocolate lover would be thrilled with this mix. The batter is delicious. The end result is delicious. Just wish I knew more people who I could have shared them with – bad form to waste chocolate, you know. 😉

The texture was absolutely perfect. I’m pretty sure that if you fed these to a gluten-eater, they wouldn’t be able to tell that they were gluten free at all. Kudos to Kinnikinnick! I will definitely keep this product in mind when I need (or want) chocolate cake!

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