SeaSnax & Cheeky Monkey

Near the end of August, I picked up two small gluten free snacks to try. The store I found them in actually had small sizes of each product, and amazingly, it only cost about $2.00 to buy both of them! But, as they say, you get what you pay for . . .

SeaSnax is gluten free, vegan, trans fat free, cholesterol free, MSG free, and sugar free. Ingredients? Seaweed, olive oil, sea salt. “Lightly roasted and seasoned seaweed.”

Now, I’ve had seaweed before, both in a Life Science class in college and in faux-sushi in my pre-GF days. Opening up the package provided me with the expected smell. The taste, however, left something to be desired. It was very fishy. No one who sampled it (Teresa, myself, and our friend V.) enjoyed it. Our cats, however, are a different story! I can’t see this product becoming a big hit. (Imagine my surprise in 2020 when they’re still going strong! I just don’t get the appeal of eating something that smells and tastes like you pulled it out of your fish tank.)

Cheeky Monkey was the other small snack.  They are Peanut Butter Puffs which are organic (certified), gluten free (certified), kosher (certified), cholesterol free, trans fat free, sugar free, dairy free, casein free, vegan, not fried, full of protein. Produced in a gluten free dedicated facility.

The package also says they are “unbelievably delicious”. Delicious isn’t the word I would use, I’m afraid. Disgusting, however . . .

They are nice and crunchy (like Cheetos), and they smell okay, but … I just couldn’t get into the taste. Despite that they use organic peanut butter, to me, they tasted more like they’d used some cheap, slightly greasy PB alternative; perhaps one you’d find in some inexpensive PB candy. I offered one to Teresa, who didn’t realize they were supposed to be PB flavored, so hers was a truly blind taste test. She said it tasted like, “a moldy Cheeto”.

So try these products at your own risk, but if you don’t like them, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂

Coming up . . . much tastier GF snacks!

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