Kinnikinnick: Cinnamon Apple Donuts review

Cinnamon Apple

Last week while visiting my parents, we all tried the Cinnamon Apple (with pink icing) donuts. They were a big hit. The texture is the same as the Cinnamon Sugar donuts. They are a little stickier (presumably because of the icing), but not terribly messy. The icing was tasty without taking away from the flavor of the donuts.

I particularly enjoyed the apple bits inside the donuts. It reminded me of the fried apples you can get at Cracker Barrel, or the apple bits in the Quaker Instant Oatmeal (whichever one had apples in it) which I used to enjoy pre-gluten-free days.

We just drank water with these, so I can’t say how they would go with tea, but we definitely all enjoyed them. No one would have known they were gluten free if they hadn’t been told.

Cinnamon AppleAnother great job from Kinnikinnick!

One more donut to go: Vanilla Glazed. I hope to try it out later this week!

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