Kinnikinnick: Cinnamon Sugar Donuts review

When I got home from work on Wednesday night, I was delighted to find that my sample package from Kinnikinnick Foods had arrived! The box was stamped with the note that baked goods needed to be frozen immediately upon arrival. The box came while we were at work — but since it had snowed during the day, I figured the box had probably stayed cold enough!

As soon as I put my work bag down, I ripped the box open to discover a treasure trove of donuts!

I received three flavors: Cinnamon Sugar, Vanilla Glazed, and Cinnamon-Apple with pink frosting (the Valentine’s Day treat). Tonight/this morning, after my partner got home from work, we pulled a box randomly out of the freezer to try out.

Tonight’s choice: Cinnamon Sugar.

These are not the size of regular donuts, but they’re a perfectly good snack size! If the only kind of donut you hanker for is that of the Krispy Kreme texture, you’ll probably be disappointed, but if you grew up on Dunkin Donuts (or the like), as I did, you’re in for a pleasant treat! These little donuts are cake-like, but nowhere near as dense as you’d imagine a gluten free donut to be.

There is just the right amount of cinnamon sugar coating these donuts. Delicious taste without being too sweet. We were able to enjoy the donuts with a cup of Red Rose tea (with milk and sugar) and not have our taste buds overwhelmed. They are not at all sticky, but you will want napkins handy as the cinnamon-sugar is rather crumbly and will come off on your hands!

My partner (who went gluten-free for me) and I both likened the texture to donut holes. They are very filling. We heated up 2 (one at a time), and split them. The first one was gone quickly, and we immediately went back for the second. We both enjoyed this donut very, very much.

As soon as we finish this box (4 more to go), we will try out and review another flavor.

Stay Tuned!

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