Make the Switch!

To Switch carbonated juice, that is.

Switch’s catch phrase is “100% of what you want, 0% of what you don’t”.

100% of what you want includes:
100% juice
100% RDA Vitamin C
All natural
Great taste and refreshment

0% of what you don’t includes:
No sugar added
No corn syrup
No preservatives
No artificial colors
Gluten Free


All the bottles list the above information, so you don’t have to wonder with each package if you’re consuming something safe or not. Kudos to Switch for making sure this information (especially the Gluten Free bit) is easily readable / accessible to their customers!

The beverages come in several different flavors. I have tried Black Cherry, Orange Tangerine, and Apricot Peach. They also have Watermelon Strawberry, Grape, Fruit Punch, Kiwi Berry, Very Berry, and Lemon Lime.

Of the 3 I’ve tried, Black Cherry is my favorite, followed by Apricot Peach. Black Cherry reminds me a bit of Dr Pepper, while Apricot Peach reminds me of the Fuzzy Navel wine cooler, but without the alcohol. The Orange Tangerine is good, it just isn’t a flavor I’d choose to drink a lot.

I gave these beverages a try a couple months ago, after spotting them in a co-op while visiting my parents. I can’t have regular soda (and really, why would you want to drink it? Soda is terrible for you!). Specifically the phosphoric acid in sodas makes the itching that often accompanies Celiac Disease, much, much worse. No soda = less itching. I love plain water, but sometimes, I want a nice flavorful drink. This lets me have the fun of a tasty drink without getting anything bad for me.

I have never had a bad reaction to Switch.

This post has been partially updated as of 5 October 2020. Although I haven’t seen Switch in stores near me for years, their website tells me they’re still very much in business. Yay! I’ve sent a message asking where to find their products and confirming that they’re still gluten free. 

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