Food City Helps the GF Community

Starting in January of this year, I started discussing Gluten Free with the person/people who manage Food City’s FaceBook page. Originally they were looking into seeing if a list of GF items could be released. That did not come to fruition, but what they are going to do is going to be infinitely more helpful.

From Food City:

“Our advertising team is working on creating in-store tags to post at our Gluten-Free products. I will let you know when they are going up in stores so you can keep an eye out for them! I hope that this will be helpful in the future for your shopping trips at Food City.”

If you’re familiar with shopping for GF items at Kroger, you already have an idea of what Food City is working on. I don’t know what the tags will look like yet, nor do I have a time frame of when this will happen, but I will definitely be keeping you posted.

Note: There is always a chance of a tag being placed under a wrong item, or an item being restocked into an incorrect place and ending up above a GF shelf tag when the two don’t match, so please always remember to read the ingredients before taking anything home! I ran into this just once with a Kroger store in Roanoke, VA. It took asking/explaining twice (to the night crew and then the morning crew the next day), but by that afternoon, the problem had been resolved.

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