TGI Fridays

Front of a TGI Fridays in Easton, PA
Front of a TGI Fridays in Easton, PA
Photo by Chrisnait

An unknown and a risk I am not taking. I researched their website and came to the conclusion that you have to take your chances. They indicate that emails asking about nutrition information will be referred back to the website which provided no help at all.  Additionally, I had questions about one of their drink mixers … they ran me around in circles saying the American Beverage Corp would contact me. Never happened. Complained. Told I’d have to contact the ABC. Completely unclear why TGIF is unable to state yes or  no on allergens in their products.

After several months, I wrote them back and said that if TGIF was unable to admit if there were allergens in their foods/drinks, I was going to assume that they were not safe, and would post as such to my GF blog. They did not respond.

As of March 2020, they’re still not safe, but at least they have information online in the form of an allergen menu and a gluten sensitive menu. Gluten sensitive tells you immediately: NOT CELIAC SAFE.

For those of you who are not Celiac, you can find their allergen menu here and their gluten sensitive menu here. Note that these links are active as of 13 March 2020. If you click on them and they do not work in the future, please let me know so that I can update this post. 

Their drink mixers remain a mystery.
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