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Blank green bottle, like one you'd find lotion in.

Blank green bottle, like one you'd find lotion in.Thank you for your interest in ShiKai Products. Most of our products are gluten free. The products that may be of some concern to you is our hand & body lotions, our liquid hand soaps, and our shower gels. Our shower gels contain colloidal oatmeal in them. Our liquid hand soaps and our new hand & body lotions both have wheatgerm in them. All other products are gluten free. Thank you and have a good day.


Follow-up, same-day, clarification:
All other products are gluten free that includes all of our borage products including the foot cream. The Vitamin E in our foot cream is derived from soy.


You can find their FAQ here. But you have to search product by product to see the ingredients, which to me is a red flag for any allergen. Also, colloidal oatmeal is very unlikely to be Purity Protocol oats, so if you get it in your mouth during your shower . . . you probably just got glutened. And wheatgerm? Yeah, don’t use that.

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