Aunt Jemima – Pancake Syrups

Glass jar of maple syrup next to a wooden spoon.

Glass jar of maple syrup next to a wooden spoon.We appreciate you contacting us with your question about Aunt Jemima Original syrup. There is no gluten added to our Aunt Jemima syrup varieties.

However, we follow FDA labeling guidelines, and until they come out with specific guidelines for declaring products “gluten free”, we cannot make any claims about our products. We expect those guidelines to be coming out soon.

We hope our response is helpful. Thanks for your interest in our products.

Quaker Consumer Relations

This was 2008. In March 2020, I’m unable to find anything more specific on their website. But they re owned by Quaker Oats, which gives me pause. They label their oatmeal as gluten free, despite using mechanically and/or optically sorted oats, instead of Purity Protocol. I do not see a search option either, nor a FAQ. 

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