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Home screen of Gluten Dude's marvelous app.
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At the end of 2021, I wrote about Gluten Dude’s fantastic app to help you…

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Gluten Dude’s App: Lifetime Subscription Special!

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To my surprise, Annie’s did respond again. Twice more, actually. The first response was just…

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Annie’s Gluten Free Products: Part 2

Annie's "Gluten Free" Chewy Granola Bars
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I was recently asked if I know anything about Annie’s gluten free products. I promised…

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Annie’s Gluten Free Products

OCHO Candy - no longer gluten free
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Ocho candy is no longer certified gluten free, and no longer made on dedicated lines. All…

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No Longer Gluten Free: OCHO Candy

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For years, the only gluten free app we all had to work with was Find…

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Gluten Dude: The App!

Posted in Bakeries, Cafes, Restaurants Questions for Readers

Updated 3/20/2022: She has a mill! A gluten-free bakery-owner friend of mine in Southwest Virginia…

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Urgent Help Needed for GF SWVA Bakery!

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As a customer I greatly appreciate bakeries which are dedicated gluten free. As a friend…

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GF Bakery Owners – Please Weigh In!

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My dear friend Shana, the owner of the gluten/peanut/tree-nut free bakery, Corbin’s Confections, in Salem,…

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Corbin’s Confections – Greatest Baker Semi-Finals

Posted in Don't Recommend Products (edible)

I’ve used Thai Kitchen for years. They have a number of very tasty products labeled…

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Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce

Posted in Don't Recommend Pet Products (edible) Pet Products (non-edible)

Several years ago, I wrote a post about grain/gluten free pet products. It is still…

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Pet Foods, Treats, Toys – Revisited