WNY: Ellie’s Gluten Free Bakery

Ellie's Gluten Free Baker - Banner

Anytime we travel, we like to explore as many gluten free options in the general area. Yesterday, on our way to Oswego so T could show me where she earned her Bachelor of Science (Meteorology!), we stopped off just outside of Rochester, NY, in Fairport, to visit a small bakery called Ellie’s.

If you are anywhere near Ellie’s, you simply must go. They have a huge menu, but you’ll want to check in with them on Facebook to see what they have available that day. We went late in the day, since we were coming from Buffalo, NY, so we only had a few items to choose from, but they were all delicious.

This is what we tried: 

  • Chocolate cupcake with Vanilla Frosting
  • Crumb Cake Muffin
  • Snickerdoodle Cookie (photo didn’t come out)
  • Cut-out Cookie (Smiley Face)

Take a look!

Ellie's - Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla FrostingEllie's - Crumb CakeEllie's - Cut Out Cookie



This is what we thought:


Everything was good. The cupcake was delectable. Nice, rich chocolate without being too overpowering or too sweet. The icing was smooth and firm with a delightful creaminess; it had a nice, strong flavor, and like the cupcake, was not too sweet (something which often ruins icing). I could have eaten more of this icing!

T really enjoyed the Crumb Cake. She said it was similar to coffee cake. As you can probably see from the cupcake and muffin photos, it is lives up to its name! Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to try mine. Although we kept it sealed in the box it was placed when at time of purchase, and kept in a cool part of the car, it had dried out in less than 2-hours, and tasted slightly stale to me. However, given that T enjoyed it, I would definitely give it another go. Next time, I’d definitely take a cooler!

The cookies were both tasty. We enjoyed the Snickerdoodle equally. On first bite, I wasn’t sure, but as I ate it, more of the true Snickerdoodle flavor came out. Snickerdoodles are a cookie which are notoriously difficult to replicate. I’ve tried so many and so few are actually worth eating. Ellie’s has made a fabulous Snickerdoodle. If this is your type of cookie, you’ll want to try this one!

I liked the Cut Out cookie more than T did. I loved the texture, the subtle flavor (which on asking, I now know was Almond extract in both the cookie and the yellow frosting), the chocolate flavor in the eyes and smile of the smiley face. I loved the cheerfulness of this cookie! Between the smiley and the flavor, I think you could make anyone happy with this treat!

Ellie’s makes different products on different days, but if you follow them on Facebook, you can find out what will be available each day!