Responses from Manufacturers: July 2008

Kraft Foods: July 30, 2008
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We understand how important it is for people who have been medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity to have accurate information about foods to help plan their meals and diets. Therefore, it has been a long standing policy for all Kraft and Nabisco products to list ingredients that contain gluten on the ingredient statement. These items will be listed using commonly known terms such as Wheat, Barley, Oats or Rye. For other ingredients that contain gluten, the grain source will be declared in parenthesis after the ingredient name. For example, if the ingredient “natural flavor” contains a gluten source, the label would read: natural flavor (contains rye). Other ingredients that contain gluten are: Triticale, Spelt, Kamut, Mir or Farina (also known as Far or Farro).

For Kraft-branded products that contain vinegar, information from our vinegar suppliers assures us that the vinegar we use in our products is gluten free. All vinegar is distilled and through the distilling process protein gluten is removed.

I hope this assists you in making food choices that are appropriate for your personal needs. If you have additional questions about your personal dietary needs, please consult your doctor or a registered dietician.

Lastly, here’s a link for more information on Choosing Gluten Free Foods.

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Associate Director, Consumer Relations
Jameson: July 30, 2008
Jameson Irish Whiskey is indeed gluten free.

Gluten is a class of proteins found in certain cereals, particularly wheat, rye, barley and oats. However, during distillation gluten would remain as part of the spent grains and not in the distillate or finished product. The bottom line is that by the time the product has undergone distillation, maturation and blending, there is no gluten present in Jameson Irish Whiskey.

As this relates to a medical condition, may we suggest that you consult your own physician concerning the consumption of alcohol beverage products?.

We hope this answers your question and that you will contact us further with any more

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Consumer Relations