Product Review: Voskos Wild Strawberry Greek Yogurt

I picked this item up at Kroger the other day. I used to love strawberry yogurt (fruit on the bottom or blended, didn’t matter).  This container says it is 2x the protein of leading yogurt, 0% milk fat, gluten free and with a variety of live and active cultures. Additionally, it is all-natural, GMO, and rBST free.

It’s also incredibly tart. I ate a little under half the container before my tongue hurt too much to continue eating it. The two, very tiny pieces of strawberry I got were sweet, but in no way made up for the tartness of this yogurt. It lists natural milled cane sugar as an ingredient, but it doesn’t seem to help.


If this were the first Voskos product I had tried, I would speculate that it was a bad batch of fruit, and perhaps I could do something to make it more palatable, or perhaps a different flavor would be tastier.

Alas, when I looked into their website, I discovered I’d already had another flavor: Original Greek Honey Yogurt . . . and I remember it being just as tart as the strawberry.

I’ll stick with Fage Greek Yogurt.


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