Product Review: Organic Bistro Savory Turkey

Several months ago I received coupons to try Organic Bistro frozen entrées. They closest place we can get them is Tennessee, so we couldn’t easily run out and get some, but we finally got down there before the coupons expired at the end of June, and picked up two to try!

We don’t eat a lot of pre-packaged frozen foods, as Teresa prepares meals from scratch which can last us several days, therefore cutting down on the costs of our meals. But when I was still working nights, we liked to keep a handful of frozen dinners on hand, just in case there wasn’t something homemade available.

Usually I do not prefer to eat turkey before going out to do something — especially work! — because it makes me a little sleepy, but I have to tell you, the photograph on this box is extremely appealing, so I gave in.

The entry is called Savory Turkey: Turkey breast in Rosemary Mushroom Sauce with Green Beans & Lentil-Quinoa Pilaf. Oh, my!!!! This meal was just delicious! It survived a power failure of the fridge/freezer, had picked up a little frost, and was still amazing! Yes, some of the turkey bits were a little dry, and some of the mushroom pieces … not the tastiest, but this could have been attributed to the meal living through a power failure, or just the simple case that sometimes there are parts of meals that aren’t as good as the rest. It didn’t spoil the meal for me, I simply put them to the side of my plate.

The green beans tasted like they had just come out of the garden, the gravy on the turkey was smooth, and the lentil-quinoa pilaf? I could have eaten an entire plate of just that and been satisfied! It had a wonderfully rich, nutty flavor, soft, a bit chewy, and very filling.

It’s a little high in sodium (480mg), but otherwise is pretty decent for a pre-packaged meal. We cut out as much sodium as possible, so having one of these meals as a treat now and then is fine for us. I believe this was also one of the lower sodium options available from this product line.

The veggies and the grins are organic and the packaging is made from recycled materials! Allergens: contains walnuts and milk.

Nothing on the packaging says the meal is certified gluten free (it just says gluten free), but I did not have any problems after eating it. This is what their website has to say about it:

Are you really gluten free?
Yes, our meals are made with simple ingredients that you can find in a natural foods store.  Because we know what is in each and every ingredient in our meals, we can confidently say that all Organic Bistro meals are really gluten-free.

You can find more information here, and they have a handy store locator tab so you can find out if any stores near you carry their products.

We have one more entrée to try — Wild Alaskan Salmon. I don’t know as much about how fish should and shouldn’t taste (I mostly have bad childhood memories about fish, with the exception of tuna salad and plain crab legs), so Teresa will be the primary taster on that one! We shall provide a review of it as soon as possible.