Product Review: Immaculate Baking Co.: Chocolate Chunk (cookies)

A few weeks ago, we discovered that Food City carried Immaculate Baking Co. “All Natural, Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk” ready to go cookie dough. Bakes 12 jumbo cookies. They are certified gluten free.

So we picked up a package. Twenty minutes ago, I thought cookies sounded like a nice treat – especially fresh out of the oven cookies, so I pre-heated the oven, lined a tray with parchment paper and got them going.

The dough smelled good, it (okay, yes, I tried a teensy bit of the raw dough) tasted good, the baking aroma was wonderful. Then I tasted them. Color me NOT impressed.

Teresa wasn’t either. Even the chocolate chips are awful!

And I mean the kind of awful where you have to spit it out immediately into the trash. We looked at each other and back at the other 11 cookies. They still smelled so good! Maybe it was a bad one. So T tried another…. and spit it out as well. I cannot drink enough water to get this taste out of my mouth.

None of the ingredients are unusual for cookies either. Maybe the “natural flavor” ingredient is throwing it off.

Sorry, Immaculate Baking Co., but this was a waste of money and I definitely do not recommend this brand.

Edit: I also appear to have had a gluten-reaction from this certified-but-made-in-a-shared-facility-product, which only increases my inability to recommend it to anyone.

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