Product Review: Glow Gluten Free

A few weeks ago, I received a sample box of the four cookie flavors currently offered by Glow Gluten Free. T and I decided to wait to open them until our next trip to visit my Mom and one of our good friends, so that I could offer more than just my own taste reactions! I’ll break them down by flavor, from favorite to least favorite.


Double Chocolate Chip

Everyone loved these!

Reaction 1: Very rich, fudgey chocolate flavor. Very nice! Definitely a winner! Melty chips  make these cookies taste like you just took them out of the oven.

Reaction 2: They have the texture of Chips Ahoy! I’m not a cookie fan, but I enjoy this one. Reminds me of my Grandmother’s brownies!

Reaction 3: Wonderful chocolate taste. Great texture – the soft chips make a nice contrast to the crunchy cookie. I would definitely buy these cookies if they were available in this area!! Until I tried these cookies, I’d have told you that for all my love of chocolate, I was not a fan of “Double Chocolate Chip”. This cookie made me change my mind. Utterly delicious! Was sad when the box was empty!

Reaction 4: Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Chocolate! It’s not as sweet as the others – I taste some dark chocolate in there. If you’re not into sweet chocolate, this would be a good cookie for you.



Reaction 1: Mmmm! Good! Very good! Texture is nice, very satisfying to chew. Not too hard, not too soft. Nice and light.

Reaction 2: A little crumbly, would like it to be chewier.

Reaction 3: Garbanzo bean flavor not noticeable at all, and this is a traditionally hard flavor to mask (often leaves a metallic flavor behind). Not the best (gluten free) Snickerdoodle I’ve eaten, but I did enjoy it.

Reaction 4: Smells good, smells like cinnamon and .. oats. Actually, pretty good. Definitely a milk cookie because it’s so crunchy. Is this a Snickerdoodle? I like it. Reminds me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!



Reaction 1: Too crumbly and full of air. Snap should be denser – stale air to it. I think it’s the texture. Expected to taste ginger, not cloves.

Reaction 2: Weird aftertaste.

Reaction 3: Sadly, perhaps the worst gingersnap cookie I’ve had – gluten or gluten free. Not a fan of cloves and that is all I taste. Suggestion: Rename cookie “Clove Crumbles”.

Reaction 4: Definitely ginger and nutmeg, a little softer than the Snickerdoodle. Molasses flavor. Could use more ginger though, but otherwise a pretty good imitation. In my opinion, a tea cookie!


Chocolate Chip

Reaction 1: No real flavor, tastes the way latex paint smells. The chips do NOT make up for it.

Reaction 2: No flavor – needs a brown sugar taste.

Reaction 3: No flavor. Brown sugar is the second ingredient, but the taste isn’t there at all. May as well not even be in the cookie.

Reaction 4: Smells . . . off. Can’t smell the chocolate or any kind of cookie smell. Smells stale, I guess. Good consistency (texture) though. Has an underbaked taste. After you chew on it a bit, there is a little hint of a Chips Ahoy taste at the end, right before you swallow. Not at first though. Not my favorite.


Taster Number 4 was a blind taste test. She also commented that the fat content would keep her from buying these cookies.  I do believe cookies should be seen as a treat, but, it is possible for the fat content in desserts to be so high, that for people who are being careful, it’s too much even for an occasional treat. If you’re not worrying about fat content in your desserts, however, and you don’t go through the box in one sitting (very hard with the Double Chocolate!), I think you’ll be fine.




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I have been gluten free since August 1, 2008. However, my doctor advised me to stop eating gluten in December of 2007. Whoops. I was in the process of giving up a number of other foods that were bothering me at the time, and was about to drive down to New Orleans with a friend (a 14-or-so-hour trip) and I just couldn't handle one more thing to get rid of; especially since I didn't know anything about what "gluten free" meant at the time. In hindsight, I wish I had just gone ahead with it. I would have saved myself 8 months of additional agony. Not to mention, those foods I was giving up? Most of them I can eat now that I'm gluten free (and after my insides healed)! But, better late than never. If you're just now going gluten free, or if your doctor just told you that gluten is your problem, that you have Celiac Disease, whatnot, do NOT do what I did. Is it a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth it? YES! I currently live in Abingdon, Virginia, with my fiancée. Our home is gluten free, and we started off with kitchen-ware that was either brand new, or had only been for gluten free use in the past. My fiancée does not need to be gluten free, but has done so very willingly because of the impact that *not* being gluten free would have on my health. I react to minute bits of gluten, so it is much easier for both of us to be gluten free and not have to worry about cross contamination. I am neither a physician nor a nutritionist. I am writing about my experiences, and research that I have done to try to help others on and/or new to the gluten free diet be a little easier. Please do not take what I write as medical advice. Education: Masters of Business Administration in Economic Crime & Fraud Management Completed May 2009 Utica College Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, History, and Russian Completed May 2001 Ferrum College