Mock or Fake Malt Vinegar?

I know, I know… the thought of anything but real Malt Vinegar seems appalling to fans of the product. The problem? It’s chock full of gluten. Totally unsafe . .  . and seemingly irreplaceable.

Sometime this year, I hope to try my hand at making gluten free fish & chips. The one thing I can’t figure out how to mock is the malt vinegar that fish n’ chips fans often sprinkle on their meal.

In searching for substitutes, I came up empty. I found plenty of sites which suggested substitutes for vinegar in general, but it didn’t cover the issue at hand: Mocking the TASTE of Malt Vinegar. I’m not using the vinegar to  keep something from becoming discolored or anything like that. I need something that tastes just like (or as close as possible), to the beloved gluteny Malt Vinegar.

So, dear readers, any suggestions? What have you tried that didn’t work at all? What has come close? Do you use an actual solo product or do you make a blend from an assortment?

I know I have a number of followers through Facebook, Blogger, or Twitter (or a combination thereof) so please chime in and suggest away! I look forward to hearing about your successes (or failures – or both) any any ideas you may have!

Two things I know are not feasible:

1 – Buying 1 of every safe sort of vinegar and tasting them all (I don’t have that kind of money).
2 – Bragg’s Amino Acids (three of them I cannot ingest without bad side effects)

One thought on “Mock or Fake Malt Vinegar?

  1. I miss malt-vinegar-covered fish and chips as well. The few times I have had GF fish and chips, I wasn't at my own house – so instead of dabbling in the kitchen as I would do at home, I found what was already there: rice vinegar! Not a perfect match by any means, but it was tasty and has the added appeal of being already made and available at a "normal" grocery store.I'm sure better substitutes can be concocted, it's just not something I've done yet. I know rice malt and sorghum malt are out there somewhere – they use them in GF beer after all – I just don't know how to find them (it seems they may be one of those pesky ingredients that is only available to food industry companies). I bet one of those added to rice vinegar would be just right. If you have any luck finding some, please let me know!!Also, if there is a Whole Foods near you, some stores have GF batter-fried fish in the frozen section – brand is called Starfish.

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