Jelly Belly: Update 1

I received a response back from Jelly Belly several days ago, but did not post an update because I felt that it contradicted what I was first told.

Basically: Yes, all the candy, including the ones you specifically mentioned, is made on shared lines. Follow-up email: No, wait, the ones you bought are not made on shared lines! ……………………..

Today I received an email suggesting I post another blog entry since they sent an email to clarify about the gluten issue. Since I didn’t feel it clarified anything, and there is still the issue that I got a gluten reaction to eating their products.

They did say they would forward on the suggestion (to someone) that they get certified by GFCO.

I wrote them back a few minutes ago and explained why I had not posted a blog entry in response to their last email and will see what I get back. I will post an update as soon as I can after they reply. Dealing with a non-glutening situation.

Original post can be found here.

As of 30 November 2012, I have not received a reply. I have not eaten a JB product since this experience. If you are JB fan, please comment and let me know your experiences; especially if you consumed the same products that I did!