Flour Buds Bakery

Flour Buds is a true treasure of a bakery. It’s well worth a stop if you live in, near, or are travelling through the lower part of upstate New York. On a recent trip from Queens to NE Pennsylvania, we made a slight detour to find out what this bakery had to offer. You’ll never know they’re gluten free!

When we’re on the road, we’ll stop in at the bakery, purchase a variety of products, depending on cost, go back to our car and photograph anything we plan to eat immediately. We bought one Linzer cookie, one Apple Gallette, one serving of macaroni and cheese, and one chocolate brownie. The first thing we tried were the Linzer cookies.

If you’re not familiar with these, Linzer cookies are two thin cookies with filling in the middle. The top cookie usually has a decorative cut-out, allowing you to see what’s inside, and the entire top is generally dusted with powdered sugar. My Dad and I made Linzer cookies once when I was little, so I always enjoy trying them. T loves Linzer cookies even more than I do, so I let her have the first bite. This is her reaction:

“They tasted so much like my grandmother’s cookies from childhood (gluten-full), that I had tears in my eyes. I was hoping for good cookies, but never expected this good!”

I immediately went back to the bakery and asked how much the Linzer cookies cost. They were $2.00. There were four left. I bought them all! Then I was asked to wait so I could speak with the baker, Pam Goldberg, and relate T’s experience.

She was happy to hear this, and I stayed for a bit to talk with them (very nice people!). While I was in there, I was given a small sample (one piece) of a dark chocolate (hard) covered peanut/peanut butter/pretzel candy. Everything in the bakery is gluten free. The candy is also vegan. Again, you’d never know.

This truly delighted me. I love candy. As much as I generally try to eat healthy when I’m not sampling gluten free products, I love, love, love candy. And it’s very hard to find gluten free candy, hand-made or not. I took a small taste (YUM!) and then held on to the rest so T could try it too. (Once she took a nibble – thumbs up! – I devoured the rest.) Great flavor and great texture!

The mac and cheese, which I had for dinner when we got to Pennsylvania, was also delicious. Reheated without any problems. I love mac and cheese. I love making baked mac and cheese … but that’s not so easy on a road trip! How nice to be able to buy some and not worry about what’s in it!

The only downside to the Apple Gallette was that we only bought one of them.

Next time we are passing nearby Nyack, we will definitely be stopping here for some repeats . . . as well as to try some of their other items!

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