Chocolate-filled cookie goodness!

I have collected a number of GF products to review from various trips around the region. First up is a cook from Jovial Foods! These delightful little (and I do mean little!) cookies are a crunchy chocolate mound with a delightfully soft, creamy chocolate filling. MMmmmm!! They remind me of a hard version of some gluten-filled cookie I used to enjoy before I knew better, but I cannot think of what it was! In any case, I am very pleased by these cookies and would definitely get them again.

The box says, “Gluten Free, Flavor Full!” and boy are they ever! The box comes with 6 sealed packages, two cookies each. Here is the allergen warning in case you  have other food issues: Contains eggs, tree nuts, and soy. May contain traces of milk.

They are certified gluten free!

Here is their website so you can check them out: