Chocolate-filled cookie goodness!

I have collected a number of GF products to review from various trips around the region. First up is a cook from Jovial Foods! These delightful little (and I do mean little!) cookies are a crunchy chocolate mound with a delightfully soft, creamy chocolate filling. MMmmmm!! They remind me of a hard version of some gluten-filled cookie I used to enjoy before I knew better, but I cannot think of what it was! In any case, I am very pleased by these cookies and would definitely get them again.

The box says, “Gluten Free, Flavor Full!” and boy are they ever! The box comes with 6 sealed packages, two cookies each. Here is the allergen warning in case you  have other food issues: Contains eggs, tree nuts, and soy. May contain traces of milk.

They are certified gluten free!

Here is their website so you can check them out:

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I have been gluten free since August 1, 2008. However, my doctor advised me to stop eating gluten in December of 2007. Whoops. I was in the process of giving up a number of other foods that were bothering me at the time, and was about to drive down to New Orleans with a friend (a 14-or-so-hour trip) and I just couldn't handle one more thing to get rid of; especially since I didn't know anything about what "gluten free" meant at the time. In hindsight, I wish I had just gone ahead with it. I would have saved myself 8 months of additional agony. Not to mention, those foods I was giving up? Most of them I can eat now that I'm gluten free (and after my insides healed)! But, better late than never. If you're just now going gluten free, or if your doctor just told you that gluten is your problem, that you have Celiac Disease, whatnot, do NOT do what I did. Is it a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth it? YES! I currently live in Abingdon, Virginia, with my fiancée. Our home is gluten free, and we started off with kitchen-ware that was either brand new, or had only been for gluten free use in the past. My fiancée does not need to be gluten free, but has done so very willingly because of the impact that *not* being gluten free would have on my health. I react to minute bits of gluten, so it is much easier for both of us to be gluten free and not have to worry about cross contamination. I am neither a physician nor a nutritionist. I am writing about my experiences, and research that I have done to try to help others on and/or new to the gluten free diet be a little easier. Please do not take what I write as medical advice. Education: Masters of Business Administration in Economic Crime & Fraud Management Completed May 2009 Utica College Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, History, and Russian Completed May 2001 Ferrum College