CedarLane: All Natural Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Omelette

I recently discovered this product in the Kroger near my parents’ house. The omelette was the only CedarLane product they carried. The ingredient list looked good, so I decided to give it a try.

The labels on the front indicate it is gluten free, low cholesterol, high protein, and low glycemic. It’s not low in sodium (670 mg). I am not on a sodium-restricted diet, but I do try not to eat a lot of sodium because of the way it makes me feel — especially if I get a large amount late at night. However, this did not bother me. I’m attributing that to (1) I drank a fair bit of apple juice with it, so I got a lot of liquid and (2) I don’t eat a lot of salt, so if I get one or two items here and there which have a higher amount, it doesn’t bother me as salt did before when I was eating numerous sodium-rich foods.

However, if you are on a restricted diet, you may want to give this item a pass – or at least check with your doctor before you eat one.

Sodium-content aside, this omelette was quite scrumptious! Make sure you heat it thoroughly – they are very thick – and them put it on a plate and enjoy. I’ve eaten two so far, a couple of weeks a part, and have not had any problems from this product.

(If you are a fan of Old Bay seasoning, it makes a wonderful addition to this omelette.)

The above link to CedarLane’s website will take you to their special diet page, but if you go to Products and pick Breakfasts, you can check out their other omelette flavors. I can’t wait to find a store that carries more variety from CedarLane!