Site Update

My apologies for my terribly LONG absence. I had a lot of trouble with my former website host. It got to the point where I couldn’t even login at times, much less update any posts, or fix any problems.

I now have a much better host, which not only should help the site run smoother, but is saving me money! (Relieved: Really didn’t want to have to take my site down!)

I have updated my logo, theme, about pages, and a few behind the scene items. Since it looks like we’re finally going to have several good-weather days this week, I’ll be rushing to finally fix all the little (and big) things I’ve wanted to change for over a year. And then I will get some new posts up. After that, I plan to get back to writing my GF guide book. Ideally, I’ll be able to publish it this year. The cookbook is still in the works but will take longer. (Two computer crashes slowed me down there, but looks like all is well now.)

If you have any questions about anything I have reviewed, or any products you’ve been wondering about, please drop me a note at, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Gluten Free & Tasty! Reopens – Much Improved

GF & Tasty! Special Update

After many months of work, I am finally re-opening my site! Between numerous back-end glitches and some autistic burn-out, this project took me a lot longer than I initially expected, and for that I apologize.

In order to serve you better, I have split GF & Tasty into two sites. The main one will continue to provide reviews of products I buy, products companies send me to sample, companies I investigate, restaurants we visit, and so forth. Taste and review was, after all, the original purpose of my blog.

But then I found so many more things I felt needed to be shared, that the information here grew by leaps and bounds — but it also became cluttered. So, I created a sub-site called Gluten Free & Tasty: Plus! which will house everything else: What gluten is and isn’t in, how to convert your house to your gluten free life, events to attend, what non-foods (including pet food and products) are hiding gluten, recipes of ours, and more!


I hope that you will find the new layout user-friendly. If you run into difficulties with either portion of the site, please let me know, and provide as much detail as possible so that I will be able to correct the issue as soon as possible.

I have also tried to make both sites mobile-friendly. I’m sure there is more work to be done here, so let me know your experience with desktop vs mobile browsing, so that I can make adjustments.


I want to thank all my followers, and especially all my new Twitter followers who kept showing up, even with my blog in ‘under construction’ mode for so many months!

I have a number of posts in queue, which are on timed release. They should auto-share to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and a few other place.

I hope you will keep reading what I have to say, and that you will email me, tweet me, leave me comments, et cetera. Your feedback helps me know what direction to go in; what sort of products or companies I should be investigating, and so forth.


Take care,

Amanda Grabler

Owner, Writer: Gluten Free & Tasty! and Gluten Free & Tasty: Plus!


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