About GF & Tasty!

Wish you could taste all the gluten-free products you see? Or find out if that restaurant touting gluten free entrees is really safe? Gluten-free foods are often costly, and you can’t afford to waste your hard-earned money on bad food. Learn about new (and old) products and restaurants without breaking the bank or getting disappointed, or worse, glutened!

I’ve made it my mission to find out what’s good and what’s safe. I’ve done the tasting (or testing in the case of items like shampoo!), researching, and reviewing for you! Follow Gluten Free & Tasty! to find out what you need to know!


Note: If something isn’t safe for me, I may not personally be able to taste-test it, but I’ll investigate and share my findings with you all the same, so please feel free to ask about any product you’ve been curious about!